About Home Touch Electricians

lighting Home Touch Electricians
Chris Guidry started Guidry Electric in 1996. For the first few years Chris ran service calls out of his 1987 Chevy Van. Shortly thereafter he began to focus mainly on wiring new homes. However, throughout his career he continually noticed that electrical contractors considered working with homeowners a thing of last resort, something they would do only to keep their electricians employed when they were out of construction work or were in-between construction projects.

"Contractors would send construction workers into customers' homes in-between jobs; they still do." Chris says. "Construction electricians don't have the necessary training or mentality for this. They're used to heavy physical work, not finish work. You can't just pull an electrician off of a job and send him out to Mrs. Smith's house. The electrician is accustomed to construction work so he'll be inefficient at Mrs. Smith's house and he won't have the right parts, tools, or know how.

Things come up all of the time and construction trucks just aren't stocked for Mrs. Smith's house. In the end, Mrs. Smith ends up getting overcharged for the work because the electrician didn't have the parts or the experience and charged by the hour. Besides, most guys I've seen over the years just aren't house-broken. This isn't fair to customers or electricians. The bottom line is: there's a big difference between construction electricians and service technicians. You really need a specialist with a van stocked for service work."

There was a definite need in Oklahoma for an electrical company that works solely with home owners. Chris saw this need and was looking to "raise the bar" in the electrical industry. Along came HomeTouch Electricians...